Strategy & Outlook

Dane have historically adopted a cautious and fairly conservative approach to the often volatile dynamics that pervade within the U.K. construction industry as it goes through the up's and down's of the differing economic cycles. Our business model is based on concurrently delivering a typically low number of high value contracts, usually being employed by one of the major Main Contractors. We put great store in developing and maintaining strong working relationships with those Main Contractors, Architects and Consultants, who we regularly engage with and view the level of repeat business we receive as validation of our approach and performance.

The Shareholders and Directors take a long-term view and have maintained a strong financial base to the business over many years. Dane owns all its fixed assets, (including land and buildings), is debt free and has a strong balance sheet. Whilst many Contractors within our sector have come and gone over the years, we consider that our financial credentials combined with track record provide confidence to all concerned when appointing Dane to a new project.

Fundamental to the Dane approach is to manage risk by controlling in-house as many aspects of the design, manufacturing and installation processes as we practically can. Accordingly, the vast majority of our design works and fabricated products are completed by directly employed staff based at our Hamsterley headquarters.

In recent years we have seen substantial technological advances in both design software and fabrication machinery, Dane have and continue to make substantial investments in these areas to both meet our obligations under BIM whilst concurrently increasing our operational efficiency.

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