Without any doubt the most important assets we have are our people, currently Dane have 140+ direct employees, many of whom have continuous periods of service ranging between 20 and 40 years.

Our approach has always been to manage and control for ourselves as many aspects of the design, manufacturing and installation processes as we practically can. Accordingly, we need a large team of people with a wide range of differing skills to deliver the numerous technical and administrative processes involved.

From a design and technical perspective, we currently have 26 draughtspersons between our Facades and Architectural Metalwork drawing offices, working in both the Autocad and 3D inventor software.

Within our fabrication workshops at present there are 60+ individuals with the variety of requisite skills necessary to process our manufactured products.

We have developed long established relationships with local colleges and annually recruit both craft and technical apprentices. This has proven to be very beneficial to the business over the long term as many of our experienced draughtspersons and fabricators joined Dane via the apprenticeship schemes.

Further details of the scale and structure of our management team can be seen on this organogram. Although we are a departmentalised structure in terms of the different management disciplines, Dane are first and foremost a project led business and we therefore appoint the appropriate individuals each time a new project is secured. These appointments include a dedicated Project Manager who will oversee and co-ordinate our design, procurement, fabrication and installation works, additionally a resident Site Manager will be in place during the install phase. All key management personnel have many years of valuable experience behind them and have successfully completed a number of demanding projects.

Internal contract review meetings are held monthly for each project with all key team members and the relevant Directors in attendance. These meetings address all pertinent issues concerning the project with the requisite action points identified and assigned.

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