We have modern manufacturing floor space of 60,000 sq ft between our aluminium and steel (mild and stainless) fabrication workshops.

Consistent to our approach to be fully self sufficient within our manufacturing processes, the workshops are fully equipped with the requisite machinery.

Within our aluminium workshops we have both 3 axis and 4 axis c.n.c. machining centres with a new 5 axis machine currently on order, a comprehensive range of saws, punches, presses and crimpers as well as an Isomat machine.

Our steel fabrication workshops have overhead cranes to handle the larger modular structures. Machinery includes brakepresses, guillotines, saws, drills, punches, and welding equipment. The workshops have the capacity to accommodate trial assembly of the more geometrically complex structures so that dimensional and joint alignment checks can be made prior to despatch to site.

External materials handling is via fork trucks and we have secure compound space to store incoming materials and outgoing works.

Our quality management procedures and ERP system mean that we have full traceability of all component parts of the fabricated works produced. Similarly, the ERP system also provides full traceability of all products purchased from within our supply chain for delivery direct to site.

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