Pre Contract Services

Whenever appropriate we very much welcome the opportunity of early involvement in new projects. This approach generally offers numerous advantages for all concerned with collaborative dialogue between the relevant key stakeholders enabling development of the requisite technical, practical and cost effective solutions.

During our 50 year history we have amassed a comprehensive knowledge of the varied design and practical challenges that are faced when delivering facades and architectural metalworks across all sectors of the property market. The experiences that we have gained from our extensive portfolio of completed projects allows Dane to “come to the table” with good advice from both a technical and practical perspective and thereby play an important role in the overall risk management of the scheme.

Our starting point of involvement is usually to review the Architects initial designs and specifications in order to gain a broad understanding of the client’s requirements. From this position (and subject to the level of detail provided) we will identify the key issues that require further consideration and discussion. These issues can be wide ranging covering such topics as compliance, structural matters, practical/buildability, alternative solutions, possible enhancements and value engineering. Once the foregoing points have been addressed we can then provide cost advice.

We will often develop our own contractors proposals which may include preliminary design details and the provision of material samples.

There have been numerous projects where we have proposed innovative design and buildability solutions that were subsequently adopted into the finished works.

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