21st May 2019

Dane installs new Schuco AF500 Machine Centre

In February 2019 Dane Architectural installed a Schuco AF500 machine centre into our works, this is now in operation and running alongside our existing CNC machines. So far since installation, we have experienced maintaining our production output, however, using fewer individual operations to achieve it.

As we use Schuco systems on many of our projects it seemed a natural progression to purchase the AF500 machine to streamline the link between SchuCal, Inventor software and our CNC machines. This new machine allows us that facility whilst also adding a greater degree of flexibility and openness, that other machines on the market cannot provide. The intelligent control system, state of the art drive and motor technology and guidance screen, ensures maximum precision as well as complimenting a comprehensive range of solutions for integrating IT systems.

The AF500 features 6-side machining due to its angled head allowing complex profiles and uninterrupted processing, this simplifies part programming, avoiding the complexities of multi part programming. The range of the travel of the machine is greatly increased and is sufficient to accommodate machining of lengths up to 7850mm, including end of profile machining up to a maximum of 7300.

The locating edge of the profile is shifted forwards making it easier to load the machine, whilst the insertion position remains at the front regardless of the profile size, in addition one of the 3 processing modes allows for up to 4 bars depending on size, to be loaded onto the machine. Greatly reducing fatigue of the operators whilst maintaining efficient production.

The AF500 now offers Dane high speed, high performance, and precise accuracy.