30th April 2018

Deltek Project Information Management Goes Live

After several months of detailed planning and preparation, our Deltek PIM (christened Orbis for Dane reference) software went live at the end of April 2018.

As with any substantial organisation in the construction industry, Dane both receive and create a vast amount of information throughout the precontract and post contract phases of a project. We began in late 2016 considering investment in new software that would provide a solution for the storage and retrieval of all information that we are party to during the lifecycle of a project. After considering the options available we decided in the summer of 2017 to proceed with the Deltek software. What then followed was mapping out the various information inputs and outputs from each department of the business to ensure that the new software would be configured to our optimum requirements.

The PIM software includes a mobile working platform thereby enabling access from site via smart phones and tablets. Our managers who work remotely from head office are able to view all drawings and information that they require as well as publishing the documentation which they generate.

The implementation of the Deltek software will improve efficiency as all Dane personnel will be able to access and share the same information which is stored in one central location.